Getting a SA302 tax calculation

The SA302 tax calculation and tax year overview documents are commonly used as evidence of income for loan or mortgage purposes for the self-employed. The forms have become more widely used since the mortgage rules have required evidence of income for the self-employed. The SA302 provides this evidence for the last four years Self-Assessment tax returns.

The SA302 shows the breakdown of the income returned on the taxpayer’s tax return, including commercial versions. The tax year overview confirms the tax due from the return submitted to HMRC and shows any payments made, cross referencing the Tax Calculation with HMRC records.

Self-Assessment taxpayers can use HMRC’s online service to request an SA302 tax calculation. It takes 72 hours after an online tax return has been submitted before the documents are available to print.

Most lenders will accept a SA302 printed from online accounts or from the commercial software used to submit returns. HMRC has been working with the Council of Mortgage Lenders and their members to increase the number of lenders who will accept self-serve copies.

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